Chango Statue

God of Thunder, Fire & Lightning
Call upon for Protection, Strength & More
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The 4 altar bells I ordered arrived a few minutes ago and they are just as you said. They are lovely and small and have a most delightful ring. I have 4 altars and they are perfect! As is all of your products. Been a fan for a long time and you're still my favorite go to shop for Witchy supplies. And the little pumpkin charm was so sweet. Oh and thanks for sending bells "with no teeth". I got a weird vibe from those. OK .. thanks so much .. Candy
Candace Haydon
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God of Thunder, Fire & Lightning

One of the most popular Orisha, Chango, which means `to strike`, is known as the God of Fire, Lightning, Power, Wars and Thunder, and was the third king of Oyo. He was a powerful and violent ruler that is said to have supernatural forces because he could produce thunder and lightning. This exquisite sculpt shows Chango with hair of burning flames lightly colored in red and carrying a double sided axe ready to strike!

Allow Chango to bring victory over all your difficulties. Place upon a table in your home for Protection, Domination, Sensual Pleasure and Strength in all matters.

  • Feast Day: December 4
  • Numbers: 4 and 6
  • Color: Red and White

He measures approximately 9 1/8 inches tall. Crafted of Cold cast bronze resin (bronze powder with resin) and is handpainted.

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