Appreciate the beauty of Your Spirit which enables you to appreciate the beauty in all things ~ in both the physical and spiritual realms.


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  1. Divine Mother Statue
  2. Amber Scented Votive
  3. Goddess Beauty Candle with Pendant
  4. Pink Himalayan Salt
  5. Red Delicious Apple Scented Votive
  6. Tree of Life Light Box for Altar
  7. Rose Quartz Oil by Suns Eye
  8. Amethyst Oil by Suns Eye
  9. Amethyst Bead Bracelet with Pentacle Charm
  10. Rose Quartz Sand
  11. Amethyst Sand
  12. Naughty Witch Kit
    Naughty Witch Kit
  13. Wire-wrapped Crystal Point Amethyst Necklace
  14. Birch Anglo-Saxon Furthorc Runes
  15. Birch Celtic Ogham Set
  16. Romantic Evening Pillar Candle
    Romantic Evening Pillar Candle
    Special Price $16.50 Regular Price $17.95
  17. Red Jasper Rune SetRed Jasper Rune Set
    Red Jasper Rune Set
    Special Price $19.95 Regular Price $35.95
  18. Honey Locust Elder Furthark Runes
  19. Honey Locust Celtic Ogham Set
  20. Iridescent Feather Earrings IIIridescent Feather Earrings II
    Iridescent Feather Earrings II
    Special Price $13.50 Regular Price $17.95
  21. Yellow Black Earrings IIYellow Black Earrings II
    Yellow Black Earrings II
    Special Price $10.95 Regular Price $14.95
  22. Feng Shui Elephant
  23. Freya Oil by Suns Eye
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23 Items

Set Descending Direction