House Cleansing Smudge Kit

House Cleansing Smudge Kit

Sacred Sage Cleansing for Removing Negatives
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House Cleansing Smudge Set

For Cleansing and Clearing your home of negative energies.

Your House Cleansing Kit includes everything you need to rid your space, home, office and self of negativity, spirit activity, and left over energies from others.

Your set includes:

  • Instructions for Smudging
  • House Cleansing Candle
  • Large Sacred White Sage Stick
  • Clam shell for safely burning your Sage Stick
  • Handpainted Feather (various styles; may differ from photo)
  • House Cleansing Spray
  • House Cleansing Charm Bag (style may vary from photo)
  • Black Onyx Tumbled Stone
  • Packet of Sea Salt

Features of Your Sacred Sage House Cleansing Kit Items:

Handmade Cleansing Candle: Handmade House Cleansing Candle is crafted in a ritual setting and blessed for your use. Each candle is made with White Sage Essential Oil and Sacred White Sage which is safely harvested.

Sacred White Sage Stick: Your Large Sacred White Sage Stick is respectfully wild-harvested and made into large smudge stick for your spell craft, smudging, healing and cleansing rituals. There is no over-harvesting of white sage of this sacred white sage.

Maine Seashore Clam Shell - We collect the large clam shells along the coast of Maine where the waves wash them upon the shore. Touched and blessed by the ocean tides, air, sun, rain, moon, they lend cleansing and protection to your rituals.

Hand Painted Feather: Each feather is hand brushed (not air brushed) for smudging, cleansing, healing and other crafts.

House Cleansing Spray: Your handmade cleansing spray is made with Sacred White Sage Essential Oil - not a perfume oil. Quality spray for cleansing any space. Keep your home energized between smudges with this wonderful Misting Spray.

Herbal Charm Bag: Your handmade House Cleansing Mojo Bag is filled with cleansing and blessing herbs. Hang in any area, carry with you or place upon your altar. The fabric and ribbon may vary from photo.

Black Onyx Gemstone is known for Absorbing Negative Energy, Cleansing, Grounding, Relieving Stress, Bringing Courage and much more.

Pack of Sea Salt:  Sea Salt is traditionally used for Purification, Cleansing, Protection and Blessings.

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