Witches Energy Wand - 16 inches

Witches Energy Wand - 16 inches

Inspiring Wood to get that project finished!
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Witches Energy Wand
Art on Willow by Beaver

Salicaceae spp.

Your handcrafted Wand from a 16 inch Beaver chewed Willow branch, with the bark gnawed off, was gathered from the waters of the Maine woods. You will see it is covered with the beaver's teeth marks from top to bottom. This Beaver Willow Wand is gathered from one of our walks in nature and is definitely one-of-a-kind you will only find at 13 Moons!

It is truly an amazing piece full of nature's energy - you will feel it as soon as you hold it. Kissed and blessed by the Sun, Moon, Earth and Water; crafted by the beaver and me for your Rituals and Ceremonies. 

This is an amazing wand. Crafted in nature for your magick, as it should be!

I gather wood from fallen branches and from waters such as the beaver wands during our walks in nature. I craft them into individual wands for your ritual magic. Your Beaver Willow Wand has been lightly sanded and rubbed with a natural beeswax and oil for protection.

Beavers are known for or associated with:

  • Hard Work
  • Protection
  • Good Fortune
  • Determination
  • Dream Construction
  • Teamwork
  • Water and Earth
  • Energy
  • Strengthen your foundation
  • Build a new foundation
  • Breathing
  • Renewal
  • Dream building and to live your dreams

Magical Associations of Willow:

  • Inspiration
  • Good Fortune
  • Emotions
  • Flexibility
  • Feminine
  • Water Element
  • Witch's Wood
  • Wisdom
  • Healing
  • Work With in New Moon
  • Draw Down the Moon
  • Creativity
  • Love
  • Protection
  • Fertility
  • Beltaine
  • Samhain

If you purchase a wand bag, please select 1 inch longer than wand.

The photograph is the unique one-of-a-kind wand you will receive.


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