Witches Union Hive Magic Patch

Witches Union Hive Magic Patch

Together, we can go far.
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Witches Union Magical Adept
Psychic Patch

The symbol for the bee is one of Community, Organization and Fertility. Magical adepts know that it takes two people to make any spell manifest (for common goal) and if you run it through your spheres of influence it manifests even faster.

Witches who band together for a common goal become a gale force of magical change. Wear your Hive Magic patch as a signal that you are part of those winds. "Alone, I can go fast. Together, we can go far."

Your Embroidered Patch measures 2 inches in diameter.

We would love to see you with your patches! Please post a picture of you and your Union swag as a review or testimonial on our site and on social media with #witchesunion!


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