Celtic Triple Moon Goddess Trinket Box

Celtic Triple Moon Goddess Trinket Box

Representing Innocence, Nurturing & Wisdom
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Maiden, Mother & Crone Trinket Box

for Jewelry, Gems and Tiny Treasures

This is a stunning trinket box which will add style to your sacred space, altar, desk, vanity, office and more! Each Triple Moon box is rich with Celtic art and the Triple Goddesses: Maiden, Mother and Crone as well as the branching Tree of Life.

Each creatively crafted box measures approximately 3.75 inches diameter x 2.375 inch High. Made of cold cast bronze gives an authentic metal appearance with antique bronze and hand-painted finishing gives you a delightful treasure to hold your treasures!

The Triple Moon represents not only the Maiden, Mother, and Crone, but the sacred and powerful stages of life. 

  • The Maiden, with bird in hand stands beside the Mother
  • The Mother is pregnant and cradles her round stomach
  • The Crone holds her skull staff and the wise owl in her other hand
  • Above them are the Crescent and Full Moons
  • A Spring Tree of Life branches on the side of The Maiden
  • An Autumn Tree of Life branches on the side of The Crone
  • Celtic Art is at their feet
  • Celtic Art and raised designs of the Tree of Life adorn the sides
  • Cast of Cold Cast with Bronze powder
  • Bronze and hand-painted detail
  • Decorative Lift-Off Lid
The Maiden, Mother and Crone are associated with:


  • The Divine Feminine
  • The Phases of Life
  • The Lunar Cycles
  • Past, Present, and Future
  • Fertility
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