Green Men & Women

The Lords and Ladies of the Forests, Earth and Groves from the dawn of agriculture are the ancient Green Ones, the Vegetation Spirit who dies in the Fall and returns in the Spring.

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  1. Blueberry Green Man Plaque
  2. Celtic Green Man Plaque
  3. Celtic Green Man Stained Glass
  4. Fig Green Man Plaque
  5. Green Man Altar Cloth
  6. Green Man Chalice
  7. Green Man Large Wand
    Green Man Large Wand
    As low as $138.00
  8. Green Man Medium Wand
    Green Man Medium Wand
    As low as $74.95
  9. Green Man Pen Holder
    Green Man Pen Holder
    Special Price $18.99 Regular Price $20.25
  10. Green Man Pendant with Amber
  11. Green Man Power Wand
  12. Mistress Green Woman Plaque
  13. Nature Green Man Plaque
  14. Oak Green Man Plaque
  15. Acorn Green Man Plaque
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  16. Primavera Green Woman Plaque
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Grid List

16 Items

Set Descending Direction