May you know nothing but Happiness. We offer you items to aid you in success in all that you call upon to be filled with happiness as you rid tensions and stress.


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  1. Laughter Affirmation Votive
  2. Joy Affirmation Votive
  3. Black Destroyer Oil
  4. Gold TIgers Eye Pyramid
  5. Keep Calm and Lavender On Spray
  6. Blessed Herbal Happiness Candle
  7. Labdanum - Rockrose - Absolute Oil 1/8 oz - LIMITED
    Labdanum - Rockrose - Absolute Oil 1/8 oz - LIMITED
    Special Price $7.99 Regular Price $9.95
  8. St. Johns Wort - Organic
  9. Outta My Way Candle
  10. Blessed Herbal Happy Home Candle
  11. Dreams, Wishes and Miracles Blessing Candle Kit
  12. Success and Happiness Blessing Candle Kit
  13. Triple Moon Magnetic Bracelet
  14. Rose Quartz Oil by Suns Eye
  15. Clear Quartz Oil by Suns Eye
  16. Amethyst Oil by Suns Eye
  17. Angel Aura Quartz Generator
  18. Mandara Candle Gift Set
    Mandara Candle Gift Set
    Special Price $15.50 Regular Price $16.95
  19. Amethyst Bead Bracelet with Pentacle Charm
  20. Sterling Silver Filigree Ganesha Pendant
  21. Crystal Quartz Sand
  22. Rose Quartz Sand
  23. Amethyst Sand
  24. Amethyst Natural .5 inch
  25. Wire-wrapped Crystal Point Amethyst Necklace
  26. Blessings Oil and Bath Salt Set
  27. Jasmine-Sunflower Scented Votive
  28. Romantic Evening Pillar Candle
    Romantic Evening Pillar Candle
    Special Price $16.50 Regular Price $17.95
  29. Happiness Magic Spell Candle Set
  30. Inner Beauty Affirmation Candle
  31. Home Blessing Affirmation Candle
  32. Herbal, Gemstone Blessings Kit
  33. Wishing Bottle Set with GemstonesWishing Bottle Set with Gemstones
  34. Rutilated Quartz Obelisk
  35. Amethyst Natural 1.5 inch
  36. Open Road Oil
  37. Morning Glory Sage
  38. Joy Herb Bundle
  39. Protection Pheromone Oil
  40. Creativity Affirmation Votive
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Items 1-40 of 43

Set Descending Direction