Amethyst Chamber Pendulum

Amethyst Chamber Pendulum

Bearing-Balanced™ Very Popular!
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Amethyst Chamber Pendulum

Bearing-Balanced™ for maximum precision

This beautiful purple gem is a wonderful choice for beginners and experts alike. This unique Bearing-Balanced™ Amethyst pendulum is designed by George Goodenow. Bearing Balanced means the pendulum chain rotates and swivels on a bearing that is inserted into the top cap (chamber cover). This results in a balanced swing that keeps the pendulum point, or bob, always aligned with the chain. This movement provides an instant and sensitive response. This alignment is excellent when using charts.

The Chamber Modular Pendulums are an exclusive design and may be used for essential oils or other materials. The objects you choose in the chamber may be influenced by the properties of the gemstone. The chain is about 5.5 inches (14 cm) long. The pendulum bob is about 2 inches (5 cm) long, and weighs about 15 grams. This would be considered a light weight gemstone pendulum. The small chamber is about 7 mm diameter and 5 mm high. More space is available in the chamber cap. The pendulum metal material is nickel plated brass. The chain is also nickel plated brass.

Amethyst is associated with:


  • Spiritual Awareness
  • Dreams and Ridding Nightmares
  • Protection
  • Contentment and Happiness
  • Courage
  • Cleanse and Clear Aura
  • Stone of Peace
  • Sobriety Stone
  • Stability
  • Calms Fears and Emotions
  • Stone for Travelers
  • Love
  • Aids in Court Cases
  • Prosperity and Business Success
  • Beauty
  • Meditation
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