Obtain Riches Pendant

Obtain Riches Pendant

Find love, wealth and more.
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Obtain Riches
Icelandic Binding Rune

Design by Qyrs Bennett

The origin of this collection of binding runes is in Icelandic Magic. They are known as Galdor-Staves, or *“Galdrastafir”, and were developed by Icelandic magicians, during the Middle Ages. These magical runes called upon ancient gods and goddesses to work their spells; such as to win favor from a secret love or to be protected from evil. Much of what we know about Icelandic magic has been translated in “The Galdrabok” (Icelandic Grimoire). Wear them and fulfill your desires…

This collection of “Galdrastafir” have been interpreted and created by artist, Qrys Bennett. Wear and fulfill your desires to find love, find wealth, have your wishes granted, or gain protection against negativity! <p*Galdrastafir (pl. of galdrastafur) is an Icelandic word which translates to [galdra] magical [stafi] sticks or staves.

“A King he was on a carven throne, In many-pillared halls of stone With golden roof and silver floor, And runes of power upon the door” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Crafted in the U.S. of high quality, lead-free pewter by skilled artists..
Measures 1 inch in diameter and includes an adjustable black cord.


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