Our collection of Protection products, from amulets to spell kits, are to aid you in drawing protection to your home, family, friends and more. These items can be used for an array of protection such as Evil Eye, Bad Luck, Hexes, Negatives, Bad Energy, Jealousy and Anger. Wear the amulets and charms or carry with you; light a candle and incense to rid the negatives; anoint yourself and threshold of your home with oil... we have so many protection items for you to chose, you will find one that speaks to you.


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  1. Lilac Wood Rune Set
  2. African Juju Oil by 13 Moons
    African Juju Oil by 13 Moons
    Special Price $5.95 Regular Price $6.95
  3. Friendship Affirmation Votive
  4. White Sage Scented Votive
  5. Oya Storm Statue
  6. Rose Broom, 6 inch
    Rose Broom, 6 inch
    Special Price $7.95 Regular Price $8.95
  7. Alder Elder Furthark Runes
  8. Redheart Anglo-Saxon Furthorc Runes
  9. Blessed Sage With Lavender Misting Spray
  10. Hecate Triple Form StatueHecate Triple Form Statue
  11. Black Destroyer Oil
  12. Cascarilla, Set of 7
  13. Palo Santo Misting Spray
  14. Gold TIgers Eye Pyramid
  15. Mesquite Anglo-Saxon Furthorc Runes
  16. Jade Tumbled StoneJade Tumbled Stone
  17. Pumpkin Scented Votive
  18. Amber Scented Votive
  19. Patchouli Scented Votive
  20. Black Cat Scented Votive
  21. Pine Cones, 2 of
  22. Rue Pheromone OilRue Pheromone Oil
  23. 7x7 Against All Pheromone Oil7x7 Against All Pheromone Oil
  24. Ninja Power: Protection Spray
  25. High John Root - Whole - Medium
  26. High John Root - Whole - Large
  27. ValerianValerian
  28. Horseshoe, AuthenticHorseshoe, Authentic
  29. Lucky Hand Root PacketLucky Hand Root Packet
  30. Bastet Statue, 3 inchesBastet Statue, 3 inches
  31. Protection Spell Candle
  32.  Runic Pentacle Pendant, Large Runic Pentacle Pendant, Large
  33. Celtic Warriors Shield PendantCeltic Warriors Shield Pendant
  34. Shield of Solomon TalismanShield of Solomon Talisman
  35. Sigil of Defense Amulet
  36. Ghost Hunter TalismanGhost Hunter Talisman
  37. Secret Seal of Solomon Talisman
  38. Mars Planetary TalismanMars Planetary Talisman
  39. Jupiter Planetary Talisman Jupiter Planetary Talisman
  40. Moon Talisman Moon Talisman
    Moon Talisman
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Items 1-40 of 204

Set Descending Direction