Every one of us has Psychic Powers, extrasensory abilities that can extend our experience and insight to the world. Enhance your innate Psychic Powers and allow in your life visions, dreams, spiritual powers and abilities with the offerings we pressent here.

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  1. All Purpose Mojo Bag
  2. All Purpose Voodoo Doll
  3. Astral Travel Spell Candle
  4. Black Obsidian Scrying Ball Pendant
  5. Brigid Oil by Suns Eye Brigid Oil by Suns Eye
  6. Calendula Petals Calendula Petals
    Calendula Petals
    Special Price $2.00 Regular Price $3.00
  7. Camphor Essential Oil
  8. Cinnamon Chips Cinnamon Chips
  9. Cinnamon Incense
  10. Clear Quartz Scrying Ball Pendant
  11. Desert Sage Rose Smudge Stick
  12. Element Stone Set, Amethyst
  13. Frankincense Myrrh Incense
  14. Holy Basil Holy Basil
    Holy Basil
  15. Mugwort Mugwort
  16. Mugwort, Ai Ye Mugwort, Ai Ye
  17. Owl Gourd Shaker Set Owl Gourd Shaker Set
  18. Psychics Ring
    Psychics Ring
    As low as $49.99
  19. Quan Yin Oil by Suns Eye Quan Yin Oil by Suns Eye
  20. Rose Pheromone Rose Pheromone
  21. Sage and Rose Smudge Stick
  22. St. Johns Wort - Organic St. Johns Wort - Organic
  23. Thyme Thyme
  24. Votive, Spiced Pumpkin
  25. White Sage and Sweetgrass Smudge Stick
  26. Wicca Intuition Candle with Pendant Wicca Intuition Candle with Pendant
  27. Wormwood Wormwood
  28. Yarrow Yarrow
  29. All Purpose Mini Altar Voodoo Doll
    Out of Stock
  30. Emerald Natural Stone Emerald Natural Stone
    Out of Stock
  31. Freya Oil by Suns Eye
    Out of Stock
  32. Freya Voodoo Doll for Love and More
    Out of Stock
  33. Psychic Vision Mojo Bag
    Out of Stock
  34. Rose Broom, 6 inch
    Out of Stock
  35. Rose Essential Oil, 1/8 oz
    Out of Stock
  36. Votive, Rose
    Out of Stock
Grid List

36 Items

Set Descending Direction