Raven Statue Set

Raven Statue Set

Lovely set for collectors of ravens
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Raven Statue Set

If you prefer things in a pair, then this exquisitely detailed set of crows is for you. They are each perched upon a weathered stump with impeccable detailing and red eyes. Each measures approximately 2 1/2 inches tall.

The Raven is associated with Magic, Shapeshifting, and Creation. Long has the raven been associated with keeping secrets, and as such is often regarded as a totem animal that is great when one is seeking wellness, wisdom and intelligence. This pewter amulet, inscribed with a black raven, is intended to function as a focus to aid you in reaching out to the Raven to aid you in your every day trials, to overcome obstacles before you, and help guard your secrets.


  • Enchanting addition for any space
  • Great gift
  • Excellent on altar
  • For those who collect ravens
  • Add art to any room
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