Papa Legba Doll

Papa Legba Doll

Handmade for Your Altar and Spellcrafting
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Papa Legba Mini Altar Doll

Papa Legba is the most important loa in Voodoo. He is the guardian of the crossroads, guarding the door to the spirit world and the go between for you and the other loas. He is also known as a trickster and compared to Loki.

Call upon and work with Papa Legba for uncrossing conditions which are impeding you. Always treat him with respect and give thanks as well as a gift once you have completed your work with him.

Gifts for Papa Legba are: cigars, pipe, tobacco, candy, rum, toys, roses, coffee and coins.
His colors are most commonly known to be red and black.
Candle colors to use in ceremonies with Legba are white or yellow.

Each doll is handmade by a Voodoo Doll Maker from New Orleans. Material and accessories may vary from the photo. Each doll contains herbs of Lemon Balm, Sage with Salt.


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