Celtic Moon Raven Pentacle Pendant

Celtic Moon Raven Pentacle Pendant

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Celtic Moon Raven
Pentacle Pendant with Chain

Ravens are classic totems representing magic and mystery. Many people associate the raven with ill omens and death, however it is in the raven's curiosity and intelligence that their true power lies. Ravens are cunning and opportunistic, never missing the chance to grab a meal or entertain themselves with an interesting plaything.

The Goddess Morrigan is an amazing shapeshifter often becoming the Raven and flies forth with her powers. Wear this pendant to represent and call upon the powers of Ravens and Morrigan.

Crafted from zinc alloy, the raven sits upon the Pentacle with Celtic Crescent Moons interwoven on each side. Measures approximately 1.10 inch (28mm). Includes silver plated chain. May vary from photo.

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