Celestial Spirit/Ouija Board

Celestial Spirit/Ouija Board

Portal to the Supernatural and Psychic Realm - Celestial Oujia Board
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Traditional Style Spirit Board

This fun and stylish Spirit Board was designed by Lisa Parker. The bright colored board mixes a celestial background with pentacles and Celtic inspired motifs. A wonderful board for the new and experienced divination practitioner!

The Celestial Spirit Board measures approximately 14.5 inches x 3/8" thick and includes planchette which compliments the art on the board.

Few mystical tools surpass the spirit board in terms of infamy or effectiveness. Each player must lightly rest their index and middle finger on the planchette. Politely ask if there are any spirits willing to speak to you. Always ask your questions one at a time and all players must focus on the question being asked. With your fingers still on the planchette allow it to move freely of its own accord to answer your question. If you have connected with a spirit the planchette should begin to move slowly at first then gaining speed, it may answer briefly as in yes/no or spell out answers to you. When you have finished be sure to close the board, this is done by politely asking the spirit to leave and pushing the planchette to goodbye. Remove the planchette from the board and store away from the board.

A powerful divination tool that should not be feared, but embraced.


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