Nemesis Now Spirit/Ouija Board

Nemesis Now Spirit/Ouija Board

Portal to the Supernatural and Psychic Realm - Nemesis Now Oujia Board
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Traditional Style Spirit Board

Few mystical tools surpass the spirit board in terms of infamy or effectiveness. Let a white candle burn as far from the board as the height of the tallest enquirer; this will protect you from any negative forces which may manifest themselves. With fingers resting lightly upon the panchette ask your question and wait for the spirits to answer you.

A powerful divination tool that should not be feared, but embraced.

Portal to the Supernatural and Psychic Realm.
Spirit Board Design ©Nemesis Now

The Nemesis Now Spirit Board measures approximately 14 inches x .19 thick and includes planchette which compliments the bottom corner art on the board.


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