Black Cat Doll - Halloween

Black Cat Doll - Halloween

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Black Cat Voodoo Doll

From the Trick or Treat Collection

Hand crafted doll dressed in festive attire with a Cat Face to celebrate all things Samhain, as well as work magic for love, ridding hexes, bringing fortune and more. And, look at those eyes!

Each doll is filled from head to toe with Mojo herbs, rice and stuffing - this is an excellent voodoo doll!

Your Cat Doll measures approximately 5.5 inches and has a tie to hang as an ornament if you wish. Great Gift!

Black Cats are known for:
  • Drawing person of opposite sex to desire you
  • Drawing Love
  • Breaking Bad Spells
  • Breaking Hexes
  • Bringing Good Luck
  • Bringing Good Fortune
  • Aiding you in Games of Chance

Each doll is a unique, handmade are each varies slightly in materials and colors.

Handmade by New Orleans Voodoo Doll Maker.

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