Green Man Chalice

Green Man Chalice

Invite the Green Man to celebrate with this stunning goblet. 
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Green Man Goblet

You’ll be drawn in by the intensity of this piece.

The allure of this goblet is unmistakable! An elaborate Green Man image is raised on the front and back of this cast resin goblet. The artwork weaves a stunning spell with remarkable attention to detail. Intricate Celtic designs coil down the stem and onto the base, with a faux gemstone (color may vary) in the middle.

Celebrating with this goblet will bring the element of earth to your festivities. The green and pewter-colored goblet emulates the simplicity and sublime beauty of nature.

To aid in cleaning, a removable metal cup is set inside the resin cup portion. Measures approximately 7.5 inches tall x 3.25 inches (8.2 x 19 cm) diameter of base and 3.75 inches (9.5 cm) cup diameter.

The Green Man represents:


  • Rebirth
  • Growth
  • Change
  • Pan
  • Dionysus

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