Maiden, Mother and Crone Hand Mirror

Maiden, Mother and Crone Hand Mirror

Mirror for Personal Use or Wall Art
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Maiden, Mother and Crone Ornate Mirror

Resin cast frame and handle with glass mirror featuring the Maiden, Mother & Crone. Their cloaks are adorned with Celtic design and flow down into tree branches which are the handle (completing up, around the frame) which is further accented with vines and leaves giving you a stunning hand mirror which also can be hung on the wall with the included hook which is on the back.

Each mirror is hand painted giving you very nice detail and charm of brightly colored vines and leaves with stone-themed art. Measures approximately 12.5 inches long x 4.75 inches at widest.

For scrying use incense smoke or "unfocus" and use as you would a black mirror.


  • Pagan Themed for Home, Altar, Sacred Space or Coven Gathering
  • Maiden & Crone on sides with Mother on top portion of mirror
  • Intertwined Branches with climbing ivy
  • Hand painted
  • Versatile for hand mirror or wall hanging
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