Summer Solstice

The Sun (in the Northern Hemisphere), at it's peak, the longest day, shortest night. A celebration also know as Litha and MidSummer. Enjoy that warmth and bounty of the natural world as the harvest begins.

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  1. Oak Leaf Silver Charm Oak Leaf Silver Charm
  2. Oak Pentacle Pendant Oak Pentacle Pendant
  3. Hem Precious Lavender Cone Incense
  4. Sun Incense 20pk
  5. Red Rose Incense 20pk
  6. Rose Petals, Red Rose Petals, Red
  7. Elder Flower - Organic Elder Flower - Organic
  8. Vervain, Blue - Wildcrafted Vervain, Blue - Wildcrafted
  9. St. Johns Wort - Organic St. Johns Wort - Organic
  10. Mugwort Mugwort
  11. Mistletoe - Organic Mistletoe - Organic
  12. Lemon Verbena - Organic Lemon Verbena - Organic
  13. Fennel Fennel
  14. Tree of Life Cloak
  15. Life Renewal Goddess Statue
  16. Maiden, Mother, Crone Scrying Bowl Maiden, Mother, Crone Scrying Bowl
  17. Green Man Chalice
  18. St Johns Wort Co2 - 10%, 1/8 oz
    St Johns Wort Co2 - 10%, 1/8 oz
    Special Price $8.99 Regular Price $12.99
  19. Great Mother Spirit Poster
  20. Wheel of the Year Poster II
  21. Green Man Altar Cloth
  22. Pagan Wheel of Year Poster
  23. St Johns Wort Bundle - Wildcrafted
  24. Mugwort Bundle Mugwort Bundle
  25. Fairy Tarot Bag 6x9
    Fairy Tarot Bag 6x9
    Special Price $12.95 Regular Price $13.95
  26. Garden Witchs Herbal
  27. Oak Leaf Power Wand
    Oak Leaf Power Wand
    As low as $43.95
  28. Litha Candle and Stone Set
  29. Acorns with Caps 3 of Acorns with Caps 3 of
  30. God - Goddess Mini Spell
  31. Aphrodite Feminine Tea
  32.  Horned God and Moon Goddess Statue, Votive Holder Set
  33. Oak Leaf Pocket Wand
    Oak Leaf Pocket Wand
    As low as $43.95
  34. Sandalwood, Red Powder Sandalwood, Red Powder
  35. French Lavender Incense
  36. Oak Grove Wand
    Oak Grove Wand
    As low as $53.95
  37. Mystic Forest Oak Wand
    Mystic Forest Oak Wand
    As low as $115.00
  38. Green Man Large Wand
    Green Man Large Wand
    As low as $138.00
  39. Green Man Medium Wand
    Green Man Medium Wand
    As low as $74.95
  40. Egyptian Goddess Magic Wand
    Egyptian Goddess Magic Wand
    As low as $129.95
Grid List

Items 41-80 of 107

Set Descending Direction