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Celtic Triquetra Scrying Mirror

Celtic Triquetra Scrying Mirror

Altar Plate & Scrying Mirror with Bright Celtic Designs.


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Celtic Triquetra Altar Plate

Beautiful altar plate and scrying mirror

Scry in style with this dual purpose mirror. The vibrant green of the triquetra gives your altar a lovely pop of color and helps you harness the energy of the heart chakra. Green is also associated with fertility, luck, and abundance. The golden-yellow background gives this piece a calming and balanced feel.

On the reverse side, is a non-breakable acrylic mirror. The reflective black surface is perfect for scrying and other methods of divination. Measures 8 inches in diameter (20 cm) and comes with a microfiber sleeve for storage, protection, and cleaning. Also includes an instruction book for those new to the craft.

Triquetras are associated with:

  • Earth, Sea, Sky
  • Past, Present, Future
  • Life's Cycles and Phases
  • Maiden, Mother, Crone

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