There's just something magical about the Yuletide season, no matter where you live or who you are. As bright candlelight mingles with the smells of pine and warm cookies and we perform our yearly rituals of song and family gatherings, the spirit of peace and goodwill seems to reach the heart of even the most cynical Scrooge. - Dorothy Morrison

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  1. Wheel of the Year Necklace Wheel of the Year Necklace
  2. Flower of Life Celtic Altar Cloth
  3. Witchs Wheel of the Year
  4. Juniper Smudge Stick
  5. Moose Raku Bottle
  6. Red - Green Candle Set
  7. Candy Cane Candle, Peppermint
  8. Candy Cane Candle, Traditional
  9. Yule Spell Candle, Pine, Cedar
  10. Pentagram Altar Chalice Pentagram Altar Chalice
  11. Balsam Fir Wand - 15 inches
  12. 10 inch, Taper Pair, Bayberry
  13. Myrrh EZ Burn Incense Blend 1oz
  14. Mini Potjie Cauldron Mini Potjie Cauldron
  15. Set of 6 Silver Bells 1 inch
  16. Ancient Ways
    Ancient Ways
  17. 13 Moons Goddess Altar Cloth
  18. Triple Moon Altar Cloth Red
  19. Year and A Day of Everyday Witchcraft
  20. Taper Candle, Gold
  21. Triple Moon Ritual Chalice Triple Moon Ritual Chalice
  22. 12 inch Taper Candle, Red
  23. 12 inch Taper Candle, Green
  24. 3x6 inch Pillar, Green
  25. 3x6 inch Pillar, Red
  26. Votive, Green
  27. Votive, Red
  28. Taper Candle, Silver
  29. Gold Flecks in Glass Bottle Gold Flecks in Glass Bottle
  30. Cinnamon Broom, 36 inch
  31. Cinnamon Broom, 12 inch
  32. Talisman Sun Pendant Talisman Sun Pendant
  33. Celtic Triquetra Ritual Chalice Celtic Triquetra Ritual Chalice
  34. Pentacle Ritual Chalice Pentacle Ritual Chalice
  35. Mistletoe - Organic Mistletoe - Organic
  36. Bayberry Wand - 15 inches Bayberry Wand - 15 inches
  37. Sabbats
  38. Chime Holder Sun Chime Holder Sun
  39. Yule Oil by 13 Moons
  40. 12 inch Taper Candle, White
Grid List

Items 1-40 of 100

Set Descending Direction