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Chime Candle Black

Stock Your Candle Supplies for Protection, Banishing Negatives and More.

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Black 4 inch Chime Candle

4 inch Ritual Chime Candle burns up to 2 hours. Candle measures 4 inches tall with a 1/2 inch diameter.

Black: Earth; Saturn; gods, power, banishment, dispel and banish negatives and evil, absorbing negativity and evil, protection, binding, habit breaking, meditation, stop frustrations and irritations; sorrow; grief, magickal, mystical, the unknown, the dark, fears, sleep, acceptance, forgiveness, sadness, dispel fear, aid in ridding depression, rid of unwanted relationship(s), use to help when you are feeling at a loss or confused, banish illness, break hexes and for exorcism.

Solid Color; Not dipped over white.
Burn Candles in Flame Proof Holder; Trim wicks to 1/4 inch for safe, long burn time. Do Not Leave Burning Candle Unattended.

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