Cinnamon Orange Broom, 6 inch

Cinnamon Orange Broom, 6 inch

Alluring scent for Power, Luck, Money & More!

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Medium Cinnamon-Orange Broom
Warm the Heart and the Hearth

Simply decorated and scented with cinnamon and orange, this tiny broom packs a powerful punch. Associated with protection, healing, and luck. Cinnamon and orange are strong individually, and they make magic happen when they get together.

Each hand-crafted broom has cinnamon and orange oils freshly added for a warm and inticing aroma. To freshen your broom's aroma, simply add your blend of cinnamon-orange oils. This broom measures approximately 6 inches (15.2 cm) and is a wonderful addition to your home. A perfect gift for Samhain or Yule.

Cinnamon-Orange are associated with:

  • Love
  • Lust
  • Power
  • Divination
  • Increasing Luck
  • Drawing Money
  • Enhancing Spirituality
  • Success
  • Physical and Emotional Healing
  • Psychic Powers
  • Protection

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