Cleanse and Bless Candle

Handmade Candle to Remove Ghosts, Spirits and Entities

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I've been a loyal customer for 10 years+ and love everything offered at 13 moons. Everything from sage bundles to cleanse my home and hearse to gems and crystals used in displays for my oddities shop. The picture is that of one of my human hand displays adorned by quartz and a snake shed flower. It all started when I was missing the pinky finger bone so I had quartz (from your shop!) on hand (no pun intended lol) and decided to use a shard in place of the fingertip. Ever since then I have had customers tell me they need the quartz fingertip on at least one finger.. and now my business is booming with my trademark missing digit. I just love 13 moons and will be a lifelong customer! I appreciate you guys more than you know. Blessed be <3
Jennifer Meldgaard
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Handcrafted Candle to Cleanse & Bless

Our handcrafted Cleanse and Bless Candle is part of our Spirit Candle Collection. We have designed these using colors and scents for the specific need in your life with the Spirit World.

Our Spirit Candles are handmade in a ritual setting for your magical ceremony for your spiritual work. Use this candle for:

  • Remove Ghosts
  • Remove Spirits
  • Remove Entities
  • Cleanse Your Space
  • Bless Your Space

Each measures approximately 2 x 3 inches with burn time of approximately 20 hours. Your Cleanse & Bless Candle is crafted on Turtle Island with paraffin wax, cotton wick and scented with a blend of Grapefruit, Benzoin & Ginger Oils.

Grapefruit is known for cleansing, balancing, refreshing and more
Benzoin is known for purification, clearing, meditation and more.

  • Ginger is known for power, success and more.
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