Complete Book of Baths

Complete Book of Baths

by Robert Laremy

A Unique Guide to Ritual Healing and Cleansing Baths
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Complete Book of Baths:

Featuring Baths For Love, Money, Health, Spiritual Growth, Happiness
by Robert Laremy

Author and Coptic teacher Robert Laremy has both Arawak Indian and traditional African roots. Laremy has written a unique guide to ritual healing and cleansing baths. He begins his work by declaring all water holy, the basis of all life on our planet. From Javanese ritual bathing, to blessing an expectant mother, to the Indian custom of bathing in the Holy Ganges and to the more recent traditions like the baptism of Jesus. Here are baths that mingle water with herbs, salts, minerals, oils, psalms, astrology and more.

The ritual baths in this book are perfect to strengthen a solitary practitioner's practice as well as harness the strengths within a group.

105 Pages


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