Crone Stones Divination Set

Crone Stones Divination Set

For the Ever-Changing Cycles, Transformation and Growth.
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Crone Stones Divination Set

by Carol Campbell

Discover the magic of this unique divinatory tool to help you reflect, inspire, and transform.

33 handcrafted porcelain stones of inlaid archetypal imagery focus on paths of self-reflection and spiritual development. This set come with an instructional book and velveteen bag for carrying. Each stone measures 1.75 x 1.25 x .25 inches.

The system is based on three suits: Maiden, Mother and Crone. These three archetypes are commonly known to represent the stages of womanhood, yet they also symbolize the human drama of personal growth, sustenance, and transformation.

For women and men, Crone Stones are a channel for celebrating the ever-changing cycles of energy we experience in the seasons of each year (our external world), in our emotions/psyches (our internal world) and in our spiritual journeys --- all the worlds.

Maiden, Mother and Crone
Archetypes of Ancient Female Wisdom

Encourage intuition and provide insight for self-revelation in a new divination system, Crone Stones. 33 porcelain stones, each inscribed in red ochre with a symbol corresponding to one of the three stages of life, are based on goddess mythology worldwide. Crone Stones may be used simply, by pulling a stone from the bag for a quick message, or cast lay-outs to provide a greater contemplation of life’s issues. A 95-page illustrated book, velveteen drawstring pouch and stones make up a set.

Each stone depicts an image evoking an instinctive response from the reader. The Dancer, who represents channeled physical energy, may reflect the youthful spirit’s need for freedom. The Weaver, who combines existing talents to create something new, asks the reader to recognize her individual abilities.

Crone Stones appeal to individuals who tap the holistic arts. Yoga lovers enjoy the stones for their sensory appeal, and useful for integrating their messages during postures and meditation. The triple goddess philosophies enmeshed in the system intrigue goddess worshippers. Anyone who seeks ancient wisdom can align with the values of the crone an archetype whose revival as a powerful figure of healing in our world.


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