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Crow Post Bound BOS

Crow Post Bound BOS

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Crow Leather Book Of Shadows

Black leather book of shadows accented with raised leather crow on the front.
Design of crow by Corey of 13 Moons!

Book is filled with approximately 43 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper.
The 43 pages equal the numerology number 7 of analysis and understanding, to help in any magical workings that are placed within its pages.
The BOS is bound with removable post screws on the spine.

Finely hand-crafted of leather by Silver Willow.
Design copyrighted by Corey.

Crow is associated with magic, shapeshifting, and creation. Crow is a shape-shift form of the Goddess, especially Morrigan, Rhiannon and Nanosuelta. They were considered oracles due to their distinctive voices. They were called Cathubodva or "Raven of Battle" in many Celtic myths.

Leather may have natural markings which may appear as flaws but are the natural creases, indentations of the leather and possibly cuts such as barbed wire a deer has crossed on his/her path.


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