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Crystal Ball 1.9 inches

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Clear Crystal Ball

Clear Sphere Measures Approximately 1.968 inches; 50mm

This petite crystal ball has been a timeless icon of divination and fortune telling for years upon years. Add it to your altar to aid you in your divination spells and rituals, or use it as a focus for meditation. Measuring 50mm, or approximately 1 7/8", in diameter, it is made of 60% leaded glass and 40% crystal.
Small Stand is included along with a box for storage which measures 4" x 3" x 2 1/4".
NOTE: The stand may not be the one shown in photo. Various stands come in to us with these spheres.

Clear Quartz is known to transmitting and tranducing thoughts and energy; amplifying thoughts and intentions; helps focus energy, activates and aids in charging. Excellent stone to keep with other tools for charging.

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