Alluring Whisk Broom

Alluring Whisk Broom

Magnificent, Powerful Colors!
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Witch's Alluring Purple Whisk Broom

Sweep away negativity--with beautiful color!
Black and Purple Broomcorn accented with Purple Threading

This exclusive color whisk will add flare to your space, and is great to show off at rituals and gatherings. Don't let the luscious royal tones fool you, this broom is more than just a pretty decoration. The asymmetric turkey wing whisk style broom is made to be fully functional. This is a strong broom to use in home and hearth to clean mortar joints in brick and stone, sweep up the kitchen and around wood stoves, and for use in ceremonies and rituals. Our personal all time favorite use is whisking out the vehicle after a weekend of camping and enjoying solstice gatherings!

Black is the base color of the broomcorn; highlighted with purple broomcorn and tied with purple thread.

Each broom is handcrafted using 150+ year old equipment by a 6th generation broom making family! It is hand stitched, the old fashioned way, using a strong polypropylene thread that doesn't stretch. This creates a tightly stitched, superior quality house broom. Your broom will last many many years with proper care.

Please Note: There are no preservatives in the dyes, so fading can occur if left in sunlight. Also, do not allow this broom to get wet because the color will bleed. With the natural dyed broomcorn, you may notice highlights of purple or even green/bluish colors. This is a normal when dying natural fibers like broomcorn.

Each custom broom is unique and will vary from the photo. You will have a one-of-a-kind broom for practical or magickal work!

Purple is associated with:


  • Spirituality
  • Reversal Magick
  • Inspiration
  • Power
  • Angels
  • Royalty
  • Ambition
  • Boosting Magickal Powers and much more

Please Note: If you would like a broom for Halloween/Samhain or a Yule gift, plan ahead - the Autumn months and Yule season are our busiest time for brooms and besoms.


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