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Dragon Ritual Gear

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I was very happy to receive my order so fast! Everything was perfect. thank you! i will definitely be a return customer :)
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Dragon Ritual Set

This set includes the following:

  • Cotton Cloak with Celtic Dragon Design
  • Fancy Athame 10"
  • Winged Dragon Chalice
  • Magic Wooden Wand
  • Pentacle Altar Tile

Dragon Cloak - Celtic Dragon Designed Cloak crafted with a hood. Length is approximately 52 inches. This light weight cloak features: fully open front, Large draping hood, Arm slits, Cord ties to secure hood. 100% Cotton Print. Machine Wash with Cold Water.

Fancy Athame 10" - This athame has a faux wood handle and is double edged. It measures 10 inches overall with a 6 inch blade and a 4 inch handle. Sheath is included. Brass pommel and guard. Stainless steel blade. These are excellent athames for the price! Very nice! No Shipment to Australia or Greece. Customs will remove all blades from your package.

Winged Dragon Chalice - This striking chalice features detailed art of winged dragons which appear to be hanging in wait. Each is made of resin and the detailed art is from the top to bottom of the stem. The stainless steel cup insert is the perfect drinking vessel! Each chalice measures approximately 6 3/4 x 3 1/4 cup diameter. This is a unique chalice for all your rituals and festive celebrations!

Magic Wooden Wand - These wooden magic wands have been made specifically for use within spellcraft. There are contours on the wand that allow it to fit comfortable to your palm and a clearly defined narrow point and blunted back end. Each has been carved with its own unique shape and design, and uniquely stained color in a manner that leaves each wand a unique piece for each individual.

Please Note: That wands come to us in varying styles and colors, we will try to choose a wand the fits this kit as best as possible.

Wood Pentacle Altar Tile - Tile has a metal pentacle inlay in wood. Tile measures 5 inches.

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