Dragons Egg Pendant

Within the egg lies enormous power.
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I am very happy with my products. I enjoyed the sweet little cat charm that was included with the hand signed receipt. An added touch that made me smile. A very good shopping experience. I will continue to order from 13 moons. :)
Jennifer J DeHarte
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Dragon's Egg Pendant with Cord
Unique Sculpted Design by Jason Bakutis

Much has been written concerning Dragons the world over: the Majestic and Mystical Spirit-Dragons of the East, the World-Circling Dragons of Nordic Myth and the "classic" fire-breathing, gold-hording dragons of the Traditional West.

What we must not forget is that many of these dragons begin their lives as humble Dragon Eggs but that the diminutive size of the egg belies the Enormous Power that the full-grown Dragon will ultimately possess. Not so much is written about the eggs themselves: they are often found in caves and sometimes on a high crag in a traditional woven nest like that of a bird or propped among the piles of gold and jewels that adorn a dragon's lair. Often a mother dragon will guard her eggs jealously and yet other times the eggs may be left to hatch alone.

Whichever variation is presented the dragon's egg remains a Mysterious, Mystical and Magical object.

Each pendant measures approximately 1 1/8 inches and is handmade in the U.S. by skilled artisans of high quality lead free pewter.
Adjustable black cord is included.

An original design by Jason Bakutis; Copyright 2013

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