Drumming The Spirit to Life

Russell Buddy Helm

Used Book to change your life through music.

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Drumming The Spirit to Life
Let the Goddess Dance
CD included
By Russell Buddy Helm

Used Book - Very Slight Wear
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Drumming the Spirit to Life is a complete system composed of a book and free CD that can show you how to change your life through music. Written by Russell Buddy Helm (who's drummed with such luminaries as Bo Diddley and Frank Zappa), the book teaches how to play hand drums, including djembes and dumbeks. You'll learn where to place your hands in order to get different tones from the same drum. You'll also learn the beats and rhythms. The free CD includes over an hour of drum music, with both simple and complex rhythms. You can play along or just listen to the music and let it carry you away.

And that is part of the answer to the question of why you should learn to drum. Drumming is magical. You will find that it is not your brain that plays drums, it is your heart and soul. The "inner critic" which tells you that you can't do things is silenced, allowing you to reach a state of bliss and enjoyment instead of stress and worry. It can prepare you for magical ritual. The rhythms go through your body and affect you on many levels. Quite literally, drumming can change your life. You may think that you're not musical and could never keep a beat. That's not the point. You don't have to play "correctly" or "perfectly." The point is to do it. The point is to revel in the sensation.

Even if you've never clicked a pencil against a table to the rhythm of your favorite song, you can drum. As you practice and play, you will discover new friends who will want to play with you. People will want to dance to your rhythm (especially when you're "in the groove"). New friends, self-transformation, and healing. More bliss and less stress ― sounds pretty good, right? This book and CD can help you get there.

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