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Eagle Prayer Poster

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Wonderful Service as Always! My second time ordering from 13 moons, the delivery was on time and went completely smooth. The free gifts are always a nice touch, and the wide selection of items is unique online! Blessed be and Thank you!
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Travis Bowmans
Eagle Prayer Poster

The Eagle Prayer Poster offers you an invocation to the sacred Eagle, seeking its noble wisdom, strength, and spirit and all that it can offer. With heartfelt words from Travis Bowman accented by the spiritual artwork of Eliot Alexander, the poster is a wonderful addition to any sacred space for those who simply wish to be reminded of the qualities of the Eagle, as well as those who might wish to daily intone this prayer to find strength and guidance. Printed on 8 1/2" by 11" parchment paper, this poster reads:

I call on the soaring spirit of Eagle.
Carrier of prayers,
show me how to fly to the greatest heights.
Patient Hunter,
Teach me to see opportunities as they come
And to strike at the right moment.
Eye of the sun,
Help me see the distant details and the vistas,
That which lies ahead and that which surrounds.
Iron-Clawed Warrior,
Grant me the ability to grasp what I seek
And to stand solid when not in flight.
Swallower of wisdom,
Remind me to speak with kindness,
To dive deep into myself
And to life what I find into the light.
Divine Winged Spirit,
I ask you to bless my life
With courage, with nobility, with creativity.
I call to thee.

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