Elephant Tower Incense Burner

For unique incense burning and the magic of elephants
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This was my first time ordering and I have to say I was very pleased and will order again!!! Blessed Be!! Thank you
Theresa Peterson
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Wooden Tower with Brass Elephant
Incense Burner

This 12 inch tower incense burner is capable of burning incense cones as well as sticks. There are holes for incense sticks and a metal cup for burning incense cones. This unique design allows you to burn several types of incense at once for blended scents or all of one type for a powerful energy!

Lovely designed brass elephants adorn the sides of the tower along with cut out flower design. Elephants are known for:

  • Power
  • Strength
  • Confidence
  • Awareness
  • Joy
  • Family/Community
  • Luck
  • Memory
  • Stamina

Each is handmade in India, please allow for slight variances from photos.

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