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Epona Necklace by Oberon Zell

Goddess of Power, Freedom, Joy, Fertility and Abundance
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Yule greetings! You need a facebook link so we can share you with our friends. =) I received my order promptly and could literally feel the energy radiating out of the box! Blessed Be. ~
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Epona Necklace
by Oberon Zell, Mythic Images©

Epona, the White Horse of Uffington, is a representation of the beloved horse goddess of the ancient Celtic people. This unique piece by Oberon is made of Nebula.

The original is a truly gigantic stylized figure of a horse cut into the chalk of the Berkshire Downs in Wiltshire, England. Dating from 1400 BCE, in the Bronze Age, the entire image can only be seen from a great distance or from the air. It is a beautiful image so ancient it looks like a modern abstract art form. As our favorite fiction writer Terry Pratchett explains: "It's not what a horse looks like; it's what a horse is."

Epona is the Gaulish name for this Goddess who has many other names and titles. The Welsh call her Rhiannon; the British form is Rigantona: Great Queen. She is a goddess of power, freedom, fertility, joy and abundance. Also associated with the Faery Queen, She is still celebrated in the Hobby Horse dancing at the turning of the seasons.

This beautiful pendant captures the fluidity of form of the original design and the linked legs allow the figure to move along with the person wearing it so that it appears to be galloping. This unique design was created by Oberon Zell.

Summer Solstice is also known as a time for Celebration of Epona.

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