Essential Oils

Work with herbal energies to create magickal transformations in your life.

Essential Oil Sets

The essential oils you purchase with us can be used to create natural incenses, perfumes, oil blends for magick, ceremonies, rituals, and healings. Create your blends naturally.

Essential Oils & Other Oil FAQs

In the Essential Oil Category you will find only the highest quality, natural oils for your spells, formula, perfumery and other magickal crafts. You will find in this category: Essential Oils, Essential Oil Blends, Absolutes and Essence/Natural Oils. Essence Oils are oils not available as essential oils due to cost and/or endangered animals/plants. Please, rest assured the oils described as Essence or Essential Oil Perfume are of high quality and natural ingredients.

Our Essential Oils are not diluted or cut except when cost effective to you. When an oil is offered at a 10% or other percentage solution, you may see we offer the un-diluted oil.
Price difference. You may note at other stores and websites where oils are offered all in one size and possibly at same price. Beware of diluted/cut oils and fragrances being added along with possible mis-representation of essential oils.

Essential Oils do not smell “perfumy” – they are from plants and smell strongly of the Earth Gifts they are.

The Essential Oils we carry and offer to you come only from reputable Herb and Oil Companies. Prices fluctuate each time we purchase and we reflect the adjusted pricing to you.

We do our best to tell you the properties, uses and associations of each oil.

Most Essential Oils need to be diluted with a base/carrier (vegetable) oil to allow safety for skin use.

Oils we offer are for external, anointing and aromatherapy use. Please research the oils for their uses, properties, associations and warnings if using for other than mentioned.

Sandalwood Oil is a topic of concern in the manner it is being obtained by others. At this time, we are still obtaining the Sandalwood Oil from a reputable source who will, along with us, discontinue their purchases and production if the problem of pouching continues which raises the cost for us and you… and endangers the plants and earth. Sandalwood is just an example, other endangered plants of oils and herbs we sell will be discontinued if they are not coming from a reputable source who cares for the environment and you!