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Evil Eye Glass Bracelet Ogun 6mm

Wear for Protection of Evil and to Turn Back the Evil Eye when cast at you.
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I received my incense yesterday. First of all, the quality was wonderful! But the package was so personal and came with a lovely gift! I enjoy the personal touch and you can bet this will be my primary shopping site!
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Ogun Evil Eye Murano Glass Bracelet

Evil Eye Murano Glass Charms representing the colors of Orisha Ogun of green and black with faux small diamonds accented between each Evil Eye Charm Bead. Glass Beads measure 6mm. Wear for Protection of Evil and to Turn back the Evil Eye when cast at you.
Stretch Elastic - fits most wrists - unstretched is approximately 6 inches.

Ogun, Patron Saint of metals, particulary iron; war and all working people. He is the overseer of policeman, soldiers and doctors.

  • Associated with Saint Peter
  • Feast Day: June 29
  • Numbers 3 and 7
  • Days of Week: Tuesday, Wednesday and the 4th of each month
  • Colors: Green and Black

Turkish Talisman - Turkish Evil Eye - Murano Glass: To Bring you Luck, Protection and to absorb, bend back, turn back or turn away the negative, evil energy from evil eye wishes/casts directed to you.

The Evil Eye directed at someone, a curse, has been known to bring sickness, trouble/chaos, death, bad luck and/or injury. Magickal charms, jewelry and talismans such as this glass charm have been crafted to aid in protecting one against the Evil Eye.

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