Evocation Spirit Poster

Call upon the Spirit Element

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Hi guys:I received my package and was pleased at the neat packaging and timely delivery, and thanks for the little gift.
Lorie Bonnick
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Spirit Evocation Poster

The Spirit Evocation Poster provides you with the means to evoke the nature of Spirit, or the life force within all things, which some traditions view as the fifth element.

The evocation reads:

Here and Now, I reach deep within myself
Here and Now, I evoke Spirit.
I call on the force connecting me to
the whole of existence.
The thread running back through my blood
and the ripples spreading out from my actions.
I call on the visions that have inspired me,
the kindness that has lifted me, and the
love I have given and received.
Life and Song, Home and Road,
Spirit, I call thee hence..

Printed on 8 1/2 x 11 inch Parchment-like Paper, these words can be framed or be stored away and brought forth when you need to read them.

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