Fairy Dust Doll

Fairy Dust Doll

Handmade to Attract Fairies and Angels
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Fairy Dust Doll

Beauty on the Inside!

These powerful dolls are filled with fairy attraction herbs and flowers. They are specially crafted to bring positive energies and ward off negative ones. They are perfect for any home or altar and work great as a gift to a loved one! Drawing down celestial energy, these dolls are said to act as your personal guardians, keeping you in the light!

Each doll measures approximately 6 inches (15.24 cm) long. Your Fairy Dust doll is handmade by a Voodoo Doll Maker from New Orleans. Material and accessories may vary from the photo.

Features of your Fairy Dust Doll:


  • Hand Crafted
  • Special Herbs and Flowers
  • Makes a Unique Gift
  • Casts Out Negative Energy

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