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Falcon Poster

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Falcon Prayer Poster

The Falcon Poster offers a Prayer and lovely art design to the spirit of the Falcon, celebrating all that Falcon has to teach us. The parchment paper upon which it is printed measures 8" by 11" and reads:

Great Sky-Hunter,
Teach Me Patience
As You Drift on Thermals High Above.
Teach Me Timing
As You Dive with Folded Wings.
Teach Me Accuracy
As You Strike with Talons Spread.
Lend Me Your Vision,
That I Might Find My Prey
At Great Distance.
Lend Me Your Speed
To Capture That Which I Most Desire.
Lend Me Your Grace
That I Might Dance With Each Moment
In Lifes Headlong Flight.
Let Us Soar and Spin and Plummet
As One
In the Sky of this Existence.
I call on Thee.

Printed on 8 1/2 x 11 inch Parchment-like Paper, these words can be framed or be stored away and brought forth when you need to read them.