Female Figure Candle Beeswax

Female Figure Candle Beeswax

100% Natural for Your Magick LIMITED SUPPLY
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100% Natural Beeswax
Female Figure Candle

Hand Crafted Female Image Candle measures approximately 7 to 8 inches and is pure 100% natural beeswax.

These candles are made exclusively for your Spell Crafting of success when representing someone or yourself. Your figure candle may also be used for a Goddess Altar Candle.

Each candle has the natural aroma of beeswax, you are able to dress these with oils and herbs if you wish, as well they are large enough for any carving of symbols, names, etc.


  • Bees are thought of as messengers to Gods and Goddesses
  • Magickal
  • Spiritual
  • Animal Magick
  • Healing Animals
  • Earth Magick
  • Healing
  • Home/Community Spells
  • Study

Made by 13 Moons' Candle Maker who has been crafting candles for over 20 years. He is practiced in Tarot, Weather craft, Healing & Meditation. Your candles are made in a ritual setting by a mystical artist and metaphysical craftsman.

Place your candle in a flameproof holder and trim wick to 1/4 inch to enable better burning quality and time.
Warning: The hot wax of natural beeswax adhears and burns skin more than regular candle wax. Please use care when burning.

100% Natural Beeswax; Colors may vary slightly from the photo.


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