Fertility Damballah Charm

Loa - The Great Serpent, Loa Damballah
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I began ordering from these people's wonderful site a short time ago. It seems that I continually find something more to purchase. Their selection is great, service and shipping is fast, packaging is considerate for my items including the 'posters'. I love this place and plan on staying w/them. They even actually write on the invoice a personal note, not just automatically copied onto it. I plan on telling everyone about this store and that a gift card would be excellent for me!
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The Great Serpent - Loa Damballah

A strong fertility charm for man or woman.
Proven strong for fertility is the Talisman of Damballah the Snake.
Use during lovemaking - keep the amulet under your pillow.
Men who need a bit of aid in the potency area should be given this talisman to strengthen his 'nature'. This is a very strong charm for encouraging fertility and can be used by man or woman.

Amulet measures approximately 1 1/2 x 1 1/4 inches. A black cord is included. Crafted of copper and brass.

The amulet can be worn as a necklace, hung in your home or car, carried in your wallet, purse or your mojo bag. However, if you intend to use your charm for the purpose designed, please note that traditionally the charm must remain in secret possession of the owner. When you receive your charm it is suggested that you cleanse under running water to remove energies it may have obtained before reaching you.

Voodoo is a magickal art that pays great attention to the respect of the Voodoo Loa so make sure you always leave an offering to please the Great Loa - woe betide the person who angers them!

Offering: Grapes sprinkled with flour, wrapped in white paper to be left by a lake/river/stream on a Thursday.

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