Celtic Five Pentacle Altar Cloth

Celtic Five Pentacle Altar Cloth

Sacred Art for Your Sacred Space!
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Five Pentacle Altar Cloth

Accented with Celtic Borders

This beautiful purple cloth features five black Pentacles. One in the center and four smaller in the corners. Bordered with Celtic knots and fringed ends, this cloth can be a powerful magical ally, creating a safe space for spellcrafting. It can also be worn as a sarong or shawl, to bring a spark of divinity to your fashion.

This unique take on a classic design is perfect for any altar or home. Each measures approximately 42 x 68 inches (106.68 x 172 cm).

Pentacles are associated with:


  • Protection
  • Magic
  • The Elements
  • Witchcraft

Please Note: Imperfections (e.g., dye runs, thread runs) and size variations may be found. Color may vary slightly from image shown, image may be slightly off center. Refunds are available for non-manufacturing or substantial defects only.


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