Love Pheromone Oil

Love Pheromone Oil

Love Is In The Air!
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Love Pheromone

Simply Irresistible

Have the love life that you so desire! the Love Pheromone Oil will stimulate the senses and arouse romantic tendencies. Create an evening of love and passion! Set the mood with this delicious scent which can be used in an oil diffuser for a romantic setting or add a few drops to a massage oil. This magnetic oil is designed to not only open your life to the love you seek, but to keep your lover true to you.

These oils are also known as ritual oils or conjure oils and are widely used for spell-work in Wicca, Hoodoo, and Voodoo. They can be used in various ways. It can be worn on the body as a perfume, added to your bath, anointing your favorite piece of jewelry or dressing a candle.

Love Pheromone Oil Uses:


  • Passion
  • Draw love to you
  • Keep your lover true
  • Sensuality
  • Romance
  • Stimulate and arouse the senses
  • Massage oil
  • Ritual Oil
  • Conjure Oil
  • Body Oil
  • Perfume

1/3 fluid ounce (9.6 ml) Roll On Pheromone Perfume/Body Oil with Herbs.

Pheromones excreted from an individual can trigger a social response.

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