Foxglove Seeds

Foxglove Seeds

Magical Herb to grow for Protection, Faeries, Divination and more.
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Foxglove Seeds
Digitalis purpurea

Foxglove is a beautiful flower for your gardens; reminiscent of the witch's cottage gardens. The lovely spikes of purple, white and pink bell flowers are freckled inside with small spots decorating this traditional flower of the cottage garden. The bees, hummingbirds and butterflies love the areas where we plant foxglove. The flowers bloom from early to mid-summer. Deadheading will encourage re-bloom and restrain from seed spreading if you do not want it in other areas. It is a biennial and will bloom in the second summer after sowing. Foxglove makes a lovely border and are very attractive in arrangement fresh or dried.

Poisonous! All parts of the plant are toxic with high amounts of cardioactive glycosides, and it should be handled with gloves. Once used medicinally to treat congestive heart failure, known by the now-forgotten name of “dropsy,” the plant is no longer used by herbalists because of its extreme toxicity. Nowadays foxglove is safely enjoyed by the home gardener as an ornamental, gracing the back of the mixed border with its tall spikes and pastel blooms.

Foxglove is also known as Witch's Glove, Doctor Foxglove, Digitalis, Fairy's Glove, Folk's Glove, Fairy Caps, Fairy Thimbles, Dead Man's Bells, Fairie Fingers, and Foxbell. Magical for fairies, divination, repelling evil and more.

Please Note: Very tiny seeds: Open packet carefully!

Foxglove for your Magical Herb & Faery Garden:

  • Biennial
  • Planting Zones 4-9
  • Germination: Easy
  • Germinates in 14 -21 days
  • Plant in well drained, rich soil
  • Plant in Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Sow seeds at the surface in Spring after ground thaws or late Summer, early Fall..

Magickal Uses:

  • Protection
  • Fairie Attraction
  • Fairie Magick
  • Divination
  • Psychic Awareness
  • Repelling Negatives and Evil

1 packet of Foxglove seeds in a 13 Moons designed envelope. Approximately 1000 seeds per pack. Open Packet Carefully: Seeds are tiny!


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