Frankincense Myrrh Broom, 24 inch

Frankincense Myrrh Broom, 24 inch

Great Combination Aroma for your Home & Hearth

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Large Frankincense-Myrrh Broom
A traditional, powerful combination

This powerful combination of luck and peace is a wonderful choice for any space. Place this over your door to sweep away and ward off negative energy. Place in a corner to soak up bad energy and promote peace. A great, traditional gift for housewarmings, hand-fastings and weddings. This broom will shower its recipient with love and luck.

Each hand-crafted broom has frankincense and myrrh oils freshly added for cleansing and purifying aroma. To freshen your broom's aroma, simply add your blend of frankincense-myrrh oil. This broom measures approximately 24 inches (70 cm) and is a wonderful addition to your home. A perfect gift for Yule.

Frankincense-Myrrh are associated with:

  • Lunar/Solar Rituals
  • Yule
  • Protection
  • Driving out Evil and Negativity
  • Purification
  • Visions
  • Meditation
  • Grounding
  • Focusing
  • Luck and Prosperity
  • Calming Emotions
  • Spiritual growth

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