Frankincense - Myrrh EZ Burn Incense

Frankincense - Myrrh EZ Burn Incense

Finely Crafted at 13 Moons for Your Spiritual Magic

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Frankincense and Myrrh EZ Burn

1 ounce Incense Powder

Sacred Spiritual Incense: Use for meditation, consecration, protection, purification, exorcism, peace and magick

Consist of fine quality herbs, resins and essential oils. No Need to burn on Charcoal. Handcrafted here at 13 Moons.

How to use: Pour out a small cone shaped pile in your incense burner. Pinch the top into a fine point (this will make lighting easy and allow it to burn down evenly). Light the top, allow to burn a very short time and gently blow the flame out if necessary. Larger cone shaped piles will work too. After it has been burning awhile you may want to pull unburned powder onto the hot coals with a stick or something. You may also add additional fresh incense powder.


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