God and Goddess Altar Candle Set

God and Goddess Altar Candle Set

Symbolizing the Divine Masculine & Feminine Power
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God & Goddess Altar Candle Set

Handcrafted for your Rituals

The God & Goddess: (Also know as the Lord & Lady) working in dualistic and counter cosmic forces.

The Lord...

Is of the divine masculine power. Most commonly known as the Horned God in Wicca and Witchcraft. The horns symbolize his dual nature of the light and dark, summer and winter. Also the left-hand and right-hand paths working in duality and unity.

Your Lord Ritual Candle is hand crafted with quality wax and wick and scented with the essence of Frankincense and Cedar to create an alluring aroma to honor the divine masculine. 

The Lady...

Is of the divine feminine power. Seen in many forms and symbols such as the Triple Moon symbol (showing the waxing, full, and waning moon) and Triquetra which can represent the three main stages of a woman's life; the Maid, Mother and Crone.

Your Lady Candle is hand crafted with quality wax and wick and scented with the essence of Myrrh & Eucalyptus to create a wonderful aroma honoring the divine feminine.

Use your handmade Lord & Lady Candles during rituals, spells and ceremonies. They are beautiful as well as useful upon your Altar and other sacred space.

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